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Our flagship Insurance System, Socrates Online is used by many of today's top Travel Insurance Companies.

Socrates Online, let us explain...

What is Socrates Online?

Socrates Online is our online Insurance System. A slick and intuitive platform where every version developed is bespoke to each individual client's specification. It manages the full quote and buy process of:

Using our experience in building Insurance Systems we developed Socrates Online, a platform that provides you with a system and website design that is not only technically highly efficient, saving your organisation time and money, but offers support every step of the way.

Crucially, we have already developed about 80 percent of the Socrates Online system before you even commission us, because the fundamentals of most Insurance Systems are the same. The next 20 percent is then bespoke to your requirements. So we've already provided you with an important cost saving before we've even started, and saved a lot of developmental time.

That's why we want to learn everything about your business - not just the type of Insurance you're selling, to whom and for what specific purpose, but what Underwriters you use as well as your organisation's motivation and philosophy - so that we have a deeper, clearer understanding of how Socrates Online should function, as well as how your new website should look. Then we can offer relevant advice on the best add-ons to the system for you and your customers.

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What to expect from our Online Travel Insurance Web Management System:

*The use of Healix BB2 is subject to agreement (and relevant contract) between parties

Our primary goal is to provide you with an innovative online solution that not only looks good, but is built to exceptionally high standards whilst never losing sight of your core objectives. That's why I developed Socrates Online.

Jody Brooks, Socrates Systems Ltd

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Socrates Online incorporates our own strict standards of design, implementation and testing, including a portfolio of documentation in line with IEEE recommendations to support the system. Some of the systems/features already developed include...

Project Requirements Analysis and Elicitation

Rating Structure Templates including Rules/Options

Fully customisable quotation process

Medical screening options, all designed for ease of customer use

Document creation and management, including quotations, policy documents, declarations etc

Payment processes that could include the Socrates Secure Hosting Gateway

Bordereaux and reporting

User management so that you're in complete control

Quoting engines, Travel Insurance, Personal Accident, Group Business Travel, Home Insurance

Integration with your existing front end website, or let us design the site for you

Third Party Integration so that your new system is deep linked with aggregators, claims handlers or medical screening via data exchange across heterogeneous platforms

Ability for different login options such as customer, client or third party providers

Socrates Online has made such a difference to our day to day business. Being able to login securely and see all our reports in one place is saving us so much time! Thank you Socrates

R Underwood, Sat Insure Ltd

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Expertise &

Socrates Online - the cutting edge Travel Insurance System

Our expertise in the field of Travel Insurance System, (as well as other general Insurance and Claims Systems), means that not only do we look at the intricacies of the technical workings of Quoting, Purchasing, Medical Screening and Reporting, but we also ensure that the design is stunning and the functionality is seamless too.

Passionate about creating websites and systems that are tailor made for each individual client, one of the crucial elements in working with us is that we want to get to know your business almost as well as you do. Then you can be assured of having a system that works best for you, helping to take your business to the next level of success.

Need to change your existing Travel Insurance System?

No problem. If you feel your current system isn't up to scratch, it's much easier than you may think to change to Socrates Online. Simply get in touch, talk to us about what you need and leave the rest to us. It really is hassle free to change.

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