We are Socrates, developers of robust, intuitive web solutions, focusing primarily on Travel and Personal Accident Insurance Systems.

A bit about us...

Socrates Systems Limited is a company that’s all about online system development and e-commerce websites, specialising in IT solutions for the insurance industry. Many of the Socrates team have worked specifically in the travel insurance sector for over ten years, developing and perfecting systems.

Socrates came into being out of frustration. When our Managing Director, Jody Brooks, worked for another organisation some years ago, part of his role was to implement workable systems that at the time could only be outsourced. But by outsourcing, the IT company would rarely get it 'right' or there would be a compromise, shoehorning functionality into a system that wasn’t built specifically for the organisation. The quoting mechanisms were frequently clunky, and reporting systems were never ideal.

So being a bit of a perfectionist, Jody set to creating his own system, a system that worked for the business - not the business being dictated by the system. He gathered people he knew and trusted around him to form a strong team and those people are still at Socrates now.

That system, now called Socrates Online manages the sale of insurance products through both B2C and B2B channels and brings together the best features of the team’s years of experience into one configurable package.

From November 2016 Socrates Online becomes Socrates Online v2, the newly redeveloped and upgraded system. Continually evolving and improving, it provides many advantages over the existing Socrates Online system and typical off-the-shelf solutions including:

  • Numerous optional features
  • Access to the newly launched Socrates Store*
  • Tailored individual requirements & insurance products
  • Efficient development and architecture means quicker updates to the system – saving you money
  • Continued development and maintenance of your system throughout its lifetime
  • Multi-currency options, Socrates have systems throughout the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Australia

"We're proud of our systems, the support we provide and this is just the beginning."

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Jody Brooks

Jody is the founder and Managing Director of Socrates Systems. He is responsible for some of the most innovative insurance web systems in the UK, frequently and consistently coming up with really clever, forward thinking ideas.

For the last 14 years, Jody has been developing cutting edge websites and process systems for the insurance industry.

Prior to setting up Socrates Systems, Jody was IT Director at ONE Claims. Before his time at ONE, Jody was ITC Director at Byrne and Stacey Underwriting (BSU), now known as Sagicor Underwriting. There he was responsible for the creation/development of the Broker online web system and all general web driven process applications.

Jody also spent two years as a Travel and Personal Accident Underwriting Assistant at Anthony Kidd Agencies and a further two years at Chaucer (Syndicate 1096) as International Property Underwriting Assistant.

For the second year running...

We've been nominated for the ITIJ's "Specialist Service Provider of the Year" Award 2017.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Socrates.

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Meet the rest of our team…

A close knit team, everyone at Socrates has come from some kind of a technical and insurance background.

We include developers, engineers, designers and IT specialists, and we all have extensive backgrounds in designing and developing systems and websites for the insurance industry.

Ben Cooper

Ben graduated from Chelmsford University having studied BSc Hons Multimedia Systems. He has been working for the last 16 years in the IT & Web industry. He has extensive skills in setting up systems, networks infrastructures, servers and advising about web usability.

Jemma Butler

Jemma studied Design and has worked in IT for the past 7 years; combining both design and technical experience, Jemma works with Socrates to produce and maintain cutting edge websites.

Michael Sheail

Michael graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc Hons in software engineering. He developed football websites as a hobbyist before turning those skills to the professional arena. He has over ten years' experience developing web based insurance systems.

Nicola Brooks

Nicola is AAT qualified and has worked in accounts since leaving school at 18. Her early background in accounts was working in the Insurance and Broking industry and for the past five years in Claims. Now looking after the accounts for Socrates, she is excited to work for a new, growing company where she can make the role her own.

Toyin Butler

Toyin started his career in Finance & Accounting, working in The City for banks and Financial Institutions such as JPMorgan before he turned his talent to developing trading and risk systems. In 2008 Toyin decided it was time to try something completely different and became a full time martial artist, teaching and training in karate for a living! He learnt new web technologies in his spare time and it wasn’t long before he was leading projects and developing again.

Amy Buckland

Amy graduated from De Montfort University with a BA Hons in Graphic Design, allowing her to pursue her passion for Art and Design. Always on the look out for a new project or creative hobby, she has previously worked on freelance projects, and is excited to apply her skills with Socrates in the forever-growing world of web design.

Adam Lavin

Adam has long been into technology, ever since he was a child, as he grew up his technical knowledge started to grow with him, from being able to take apart computers and put them back together before the age of 10, to being able to modify and build websites by the age of 13, and setting up servers at the age of 16. Since then Adam's knowledge has been maturing and growing, one of his topics of interests for the past few years has been Security, given the rapidly increasing threat against companies from cyberattacks.

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an MSc in Computer Science.  Since then she’s been working as a systems developer and enjoys learning new programing languages, frameworks and technologies.

Eric Vautier

Eric graduated from MIU (USA) BSc Magna cum Laude in Computer Science and MA in Professional Writing, then delved into the publishing and translating areas. He has returned to programming for the past fifteen years as a web developer.

Tito Todeschin

Tito has been working in IT for more than 13 years, using various programming languages. He joined Socrates as developer, using his experience to produce systems at a high quality and performance level. He enjoys keeping up to date with the newest frameworks and technologies available on the market.

Eduardo D’Angelo

Eduardo studied graphic and web design for the past 6 years. He has a strong background as a creative designer. He found his passion developing websites that provides excellent user experiences with responsive designs.

Danny Lewis

Danny is a self-taught developer and is a well-rounded addition to the Socrates team, with experience in sales through to performing in bands. His sharp tech skills are second-to-none, with specialisms including PHP, JavaScript, SQL, React, CakePHP and Node.

Timothy Jarman

Timothy has been working in the IT industry for the past 6 years. He started his career as a web hosting technical support agent and then quickly progressed to a systems administrator. His excellent troubleshooting skills, ability to work well under pressure and calm approach enable him to tackle even the most demanding of situations.

Jithu Jose

Jithu studied Computer Science and has been working in the IT industry for the last 5+ years. His experience is in developing and managing high traffic websites and services. He is interested in new technologies and enjoys experimenting with them in his spare time.

Our Core Values...

We are proud at the speed in which we can adapt our various online platforms to accommodate ever changing technologies, but one thing that will always remain the same are our Core Values:


Family culture

We're a close knit team who support and trust each other


Creative thinkers

Outside the box thinking often leads to innovative solutions



About technology, design and giving our clients what they want



We're proud experts in our field, leading insurance systems into the future



We stand out from the crowd by creating bespoke solutions using the latest technology



Through a mutual exchange of ideas and concepts, innovative solutions can be discovered



Not only are we knowledgeable in our own field, but we educate ourselves in our clients' businesses to have a true understanding of their needs



Never complacent, we encourage personal growth and leadership, and always keep up with technologies and methodologies